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Henrik Lind

I was starting working out as a skinny guy, 65kg and now.. 13 years later I'm almost 120kg. Did my first show 2005 and did place 9th, 3 years later did I take my first 1st place.

To gain the key is to sleep good (recovery), eat well and train hard. I'll keep my food clean year round (but I'll treat my self of course when I'm off seasons). But a typical day with food and supplements can look like this.

  1. Vitamin max, 2 scoop xtrem whey plus oats.
  2. Chicken and rice
  3. Chicken qnd rice
  4. Forza max plus cretine
  5. Bcaa
  6. Fish/chicken and rice
  7. Beef and sweet potato
  8. 5 whole eggs

Show Results:

2008.December cupen 1st athletic fitness
2008. Lucia pokalen 5th classic bodybuilding
2009. Lucia pokalen 5th classic bodybuilding
Battle of Scandinavia 1st classic bodybuilding
2011. Sandefjord open 1st classic bodybuilding
2011. Oslo grand prix 3rd classic bodybuilding
2012 oslo grand prix 4th heavy weight bodybuilding
2012. Norwegian champ 5th classic bodybuilding
2013. Key west classic 1st bodybuilding
2013 arnold classic 4th classic bodybuilding
2013 europa show 5th mp
2013 heart of texas 3rd heavyweight bodybuilding
2014 phil heat classic 3rd heavyweight bodybuilding


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